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Do you have a personal connection to the military or what is the reason you chose to support Authors4Veterans?

I was engaged to a pilot min the Air Force who died in a training accident. I am friends with member current and former members of the military, and Saint Leo University, where I worked for ten years, is the 6th largest provider of education to the military.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, where you live? Do you have one of those day-jobs?

I live in Tampa, with my cats (pause to grin!). I just moved back after 15 years in Texas. My late husband was a sixth generation Texan and we loved it there. But I love it here, too. I grew up in Maine and lived for many years in Michigan, so I am really glad to be living in warm weather. I am a huge football fan plus an avid Chicago Cubs fan. When I’m not writing I am reading, spending time with two of my children who live near me, or hanging out with friends. I am lucky I do not have to have a day job any more. Oh, and in case you’re interested, I recently celebrated my 81st.

What is your latest release and share one detail from your current release with readers that they might not find in the book?

Hide and Seek, Book #1, Vigilance, release date October 17. Logan Malik,my hero, looks like Jesse Lee Sofer in Chicago PD.

Do you have a secret talent readers would be surprised by?

I wish!

What is the one question you never get ask at interviews, but wish you did? Ask and answer it.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters of the opposite sex? Making them accurate. My late husband was great. He let me read scenes to him and wasn’t shy about telling me when I got it wrong. Now my son helps me.

Are there other military charities you support?

If so, please tell us which ones. Yes. Paws For Vets.

Do you write military characters in your books? If so, how did you research them?

Yes, I do. I am fortunate enough to know former Delta Force soldiers, former Air Force Ravens, a retired Marine Brig. General, a former SEAL team leader, a former Force Recon Marine, and I am still adding., They are all very accommodating about answering my questions.

What would you choose as your specialty if you were in the military?


Do you have anything you would like to say to our members of the military and their families?

I cannot thank you enough for your service. This country is safer because of the sacrifices all of you make and I only hope in my books I do you justice. You are all my heroes.

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