December 2018 Reader Giveaway

Here are the bags all filled before delivery.

We’re excited to announce our next big giveaway.

Thanks to our generous authors and readers, we’ve once again collected amazing books, swag and awesome comfort items to take 30 of our beautiful Authors4Veterans heavy zippered totes filled with gorgeous items to Fisher House. We delivered these bags on Friday, November 16th and they were so excited to receive them.  We couldn’t get pictures because they had a big tour going on with another organization and we didn’t want to intrude.

One lucky winner will win all of these books and goodies before Christmas!

So, now we have four spectacular bags to giveaway to our readers.  Thank you readers for spreading the word about Authors4Veterans and thank you for supporting our uber generous authors who give so freely to this cause.  Please give our participating authors a bit of love by buying their books, promoting their pages, leaving reviews for them or all of the above!  They deserve it! Psst – you can find the participating authors right here.

One second place winner will receive all of this!

Now on to the giveaway.  Our giveaway begins November 25, 2018 and will run until December 8, 2018 at 11:45 p.m. central time.  You can enter right here – Good luck to you!



One third place winner will receive this goodie bag.  
A second – third place winner will receive these goodies.
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August Reader Giveaway

Our sponsoring authors have thought of you as well as our veterans and their families. Therefore, it’s time to give more fabulous books away to readers who love them! So, here’s your chance to enter to win this wonderful Thirty-one Swap-it Pocket bags, filled with books, swag, and goodies.

There are many options for entering, pick one or all of them for more chances to win. We’re selecting the winner on August 9, 2018. Looking forward to seeing who it is.

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Say hello to Barbara Britton

I’m excited to introduce you to Barbara Britton and I’m eager to get to know her better myself.  Welcome Barbara.

Do you have a personal connection to the military?

I come from a long line of naval officers. My grandfather, uncle, and cousin all served in the Canadian Navy. My dad broke ranks and served as a navigator in the RCAF. My grandfather said he was proud of my grandmother for raising three boys on her own while he was away commanding a ship during WWII and the Korean War.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Vietnam War. I have a soft spot for Vietnam Veterans because I don’t think they received the “Welcome Home” they deserved after serving our country. I try to be supportive of our military men and women.

Thank you to your family for their service.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, where you live? Do you have one of those day-jobs?

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, but hopped coasts when I was in high school. I headed south and attended Baylor University for college—Sic’em Bears! I married a Chicago guy and lived in the Land of Lincoln for ten years. Currently, I live in Wisconsin (with my Chicago guy) and absolutely love being a Cheesehead. Go Pack Go!

Do you write military characters in your books? If so, how did you research them?

I wrote a Historical set after WWI and it was based on a true story of a nurse who took care of a wounded vet in a remote Alaskan lodge. My hero in that book had lost his legs in a trench explosion. I had to research what prosthetics were like in the old days—nothing like prosthetics today. I also read the sobering autobiography of Lewis B. Puller, Jr who lost his legs in Vietnam (“Fortunate Son”). I also tried to show PTSD or what they called “shell shocked” in WWI, in a realistic way.

What would you choose as your specialty if you were in the military?

I love to bake and I have a degree in nutrition, so I would say a cook. I think I would make  a good nurse too since I have been taking care of kids for over twenty years.

From some of the things I’ve heard about military food, I’d say you’d be the favorite cook!  Do you have anything you would like to say to our members of the military and their families?

I would give our military men and women a big hug and say, “Thank you” for serving our country. Separations are difficult, especially for children, and I appreciate the determination and hard work that goes into keeping relationships and families strong.

For those who come home with injuries like my character Geoff Chambers, please know you are not alone and there are people who appreciate your sacrifice.

God Bless America!

Thank you Barbara.  You can find out more about Barbara and her books from her website.  



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Super excited about these donations

My mailman is beginning to dislike me, but I’m happy about that.   You see, I have a Belgian Malinois and he is a bit excitable, so when the mailman, UPS or FedEx truck pull into the driveway, he has a fit.  He runs around the truck barking, hair standing up and basically being a menace.  They’re all scared of him and if we aren’t sure they are coming, we don’t lock is doggy door.  Ooops.

Anyway, the packages have been coming almost daily and it’s rather fun. For me.

Anyway, take a look at some of the fun items our participating authors, Barbara Britton, Julie Moffett and Maryann Jordan donated.


Books, swag, lotions, bath & shower gels, comfy socks, note pads, pens, snacks, journals, and so much more.  Thank you again authors for your generous donations to our Fisher House Families.

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