August Reader Giveaway

Our sponsoring authors have thought of you as well as our veterans and their families. Therefore, it’s time to give more fabulous books away to readers who love them! So, here’s your chance to enter to win this wonderful Thirty-one Swap-it Pocket bags, filled with books, swag, and goodies.

There are many options for entering, pick one or all of them for more chances to win. We’re selecting the winner on August 9, 2018. Looking forward to seeing who it is.

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Memorial Day Giveaway! May 14-23rd

Hello everyone! After our huge donation to Fisher House Milwaukee just in time for Mother’s Day, Authors4Veterans is excited to once again have an awesome giveaway for you to win. There will be 3 winners…1 grand prize, and 2 runners-up…though thanks to the generosity of our awesome participating authors, all three prizes are amazing!

The giveaway runs from May 14th through May 23rd. Winners will be randomly chosen and notified on May 25th…just in time for Memorial Day!

There are many ways to win, so check them out and then share with all your friends!

(Please note: due to high shipping costs and A4V being a non-profit, we can only ship to Cont. US mailing address.)

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Spring into Romance

To help you spring into romance, we’ve got more books to giveaway.  Our generous participating authors wanted to make sure you had books to read as the flowers are blooming and the birds are serenading you.  So, click on the giveaway below and follow the entry options to enter once or all five times, it’s up to you.

Oh, and check out the great prize:

A ThirtyOne Super Swap-it Pocket bag, 6 books and multiple items of swag, which you’ll enjoy.

Hurry, this contest ends April 11, 2018

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Because you can never have too many books!

Because you can never have too many books, we’re doing a giveaway again.  Our generous participating authors still have books to give you.  So, click on the giveaway below and follow the entry options to enter once or all five times, it’s up to you.

Oh, and check out the great prize:

A ThirtyOne Super Swap-it Pocket bag, 6 books and multiple items of swag, which you’ll enjoy.

Hurry, giveaway ends March 14, 2018.

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Want more books?

Welcome to our February 2018 giveaway.  Our generous participating authors aren’t finished giving books and swag away and this is one of three we have coming up for the next three months.

We have a ThirtyOne Super Swap-it Pocket bag filled with 6 books and swag from our authors.

Enter for a chance to win this amazing bag and then share it with your friends and family for another chance to win.  Good luck.


Giveaway to end February 7, 2018.

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Winners, winners, winners

🎉🎉Winners! Winners! Winners! 🎉🎉

Stacey and I are thrilled to announce the winners for the huge Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

Grand Prize: Helen Bishop
Runner up Bag 1: Beverly Gordon
Runner up Bag 2: Cindy Lyons Roberts
Runner up Bag 3: Deanna S

Winners will receive an email from A4V to verify their email address and mailing address for the prizes to be sent out this week!

Congratulations, Ladies, and thank you to all of you who entered! 

Our next giveaway will be in January. Not nearly on as large of a scale, but our amazing authors were so generous, we couldn’t fit everything in the bags (and believe me, we tried!), so we’ve got some great books to share with all of you!

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It’s Giveaway Time!

After delivering our gift bags to Fisher House, it’s time to give you readers the chance to win one of these amazing bags.  We have four insanely awesome bags to give away and the best news is they’ll be mailed out before Christmas, so enter for the chance for yourself or the reader on your shopping list.

Here’s what you could win:

3 Runner Up Reader Bags $160/ea Value:
Thirty-One Thermal Tote, 8-10 signed books, audio book, socks, handmade card pack, assorted extras, and more awesome author swag!
(Shown here is one unpackaged gift bag and the two other gift bags to be given away.  Winner of the unpackaged bag will not receive all three bags. Contents in the other two bags may be different than what is shown)

Grand Prize $250+ Value:
A4V monogramed Thirty-One Weekender Bag, 10 signed books, 1 audio book, fuzzy socks, post-it pack, nail kit, handmade card set, handmade bookmark, filled toiletry bag, candle, and lots of author swag!

What do you need to do to enter?  Click on the Rafflecopter below and enter as many times as you’d like.

Giveaway ends at 12:00 a.m. December 11, 2017.

Stay up to date on our charity, participating author releases and contests (yes, we have a few more goodies to give away over the coming months) by signing up for our newsletter here.

Authors, if you’re interested in hearing about our next charity drive, please sign up here to be notified when we’re accepting authors.  

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Shipping to Continental US only. Winners must collect their prizes within 30 days or they are forfeit.

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Desiree Holt has joined us

Do you have a personal connection to the military or what is the reason you chose to support Authors4Veterans?

I was engaged to a pilot min the Air Force who died in a training accident. I am friends with member current and former members of the military, and Saint Leo University, where I worked for ten years, is the 6th largest provider of education to the military.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, where you live? Do you have one of those day-jobs?

I live in Tampa, with my cats (pause to grin!). I just moved back after 15 years in Texas. My late husband was a sixth generation Texan and we loved it there. But I love it here, too. I grew up in Maine and lived for many years in Michigan, so I am really glad to be living in warm weather. I am a huge football fan plus an avid Chicago Cubs fan. When I’m not writing I am reading, spending time with two of my children who live near me, or hanging out with friends. I am lucky I do not have to have a day job any more. Oh, and in case you’re interested, I recently celebrated my 81st.

What is your latest release and share one detail from your current release with readers that they might not find in the book?

Hide and Seek, Book #1, Vigilance, release date October 17. Logan Malik,my hero, looks like Jesse Lee Sofer in Chicago PD.

Do you have a secret talent readers would be surprised by?

I wish!

What is the one question you never get ask at interviews, but wish you did? Ask and answer it.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters of the opposite sex? Making them accurate. My late husband was great. He let me read scenes to him and wasn’t shy about telling me when I got it wrong. Now my son helps me.

Are there other military charities you support?

If so, please tell us which ones. Yes. Paws For Vets.

Do you write military characters in your books? If so, how did you research them?

Yes, I do. I am fortunate enough to know former Delta Force soldiers, former Air Force Ravens, a retired Marine Brig. General, a former SEAL team leader, a former Force Recon Marine, and I am still adding., They are all very accommodating about answering my questions.

What would you choose as your specialty if you were in the military?


Do you have anything you would like to say to our members of the military and their families?

I cannot thank you enough for your service. This country is safer because of the sacrifices all of you make and I only hope in my books I do you justice. You are all my heroes.

Follow Desiree everywhere.

Facebook Author Page

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Delivery Complete!

On Friday, November 17, 2017, Stacey and I made the trip to Milwaukee to deliver the ThirtyOne bags to Fisher House.  Some observations about the area are important to mention.

Stacey and I have both been to Milwaukee many times. As a matter of fact, Stacey lived there for 7 years. But as we turned onto the Zablocki Grounds it was like stepping back in time. The historic grounds still hold some of the original buildings from back in the day. You see, Abraham Lincoln, in 1865, authorized the first ever Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Asylum to help honorably discharged members of the Union and Naval troops convalesce.  The Zablocki VA in Milwaukee was the first.

Now some of those historic buildings are in need of major repair, but since they’re on the historical registry, it’s insanely expensive to bring them up to habitable conditions. During our visit to Fisher House on Friday, Kathleen, one of our tour guides and the Volunteer Coordinator for Fisher House Wisconsin, told us HUD has agreed to help reform one of the buildings to be used to house homeless veterans. I’ll be watching that project come along, as its long over-due.

So, we made our way through the maze of buildings and roads and parked at Fisher House. Our first impression was that it was a beautiful house, but looks like it’s been there for years. Not so, Jennifer Kiefer – Fisher House Manager, told us. Fisher House Wisconsin is only one and a half years old.  The $7.1 million dollar project took the community and VA time to organize and raise the funds.  Determination on when and where a fisher House will be built is based on the need of the area.

So, let me tell you a bit about Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher, the patrons of the Fisher Houses around the world. I’ll paraphrase, but please click on the link above and read all about them. Zachary Fisher was a builder, philanthropist and generous supporter of the military members. A need was presented to him and he jumped at the chance to help out. Both Mr. and Mrs. Fisher are now deceased, but their legacy lives on and its quite a legacy.

So, you’ve been reading about our generous author supporters and we’ve been telling you about the more than generous donations of these fabulous authors. Not just the books they’ve signed and sent, but socks, journals, snacks, bags, toiletry items, nail care and oodles of swag. We packed it all into ThirtyOne thermal bags (the donations were so voluminous that we had to be plastic bags to put the ThirtyOne bags in and remaining donated items. We loaded Stacy’s van and made the two hour drive to Milwaukee.

We met Jennifer and Kathleen and they gave us a tour of the facility and we were both awed. Beautifully decorated and appointed the house, though large, feels homey and comfortable. The expansive kitchen boasts two areas for cooking should families choose to make their own meals, but there are volunteers who come in and cook for the families as well. While we were there, Maggie, a volunteer was there making stroganoff and the gorgeous cupcakes she made and decorated looked too good to eat.  The delicious aromas wafting out from the kitchen was a welcome home scent if ever there was one.

A library area, common area with sofa’s and a television and a large patio area are all available to military families while they stay at Fisher House.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but you can get a good idea of what the home looks like.  There are Queen bed rooms and twin bed rooms based on the need of the family staying, but both are gorgeous and comfortable.



We took the opportunity to take our picture with Jennifer and Kathleen after we brought all the bags in (not all are pictured). Spoke with them a bit about donations in the future and came home.

Stacey and I both agree that we’re very proud of our support of Fisher House and so proud of our author community for stepping up to help families of our veterans.

Authors – We’ll be organizing two donation drives per year, the next around Mother’s Day, so if you want to be made aware of the opportunity to be part of that sponsorship, please sign up for our mailing list.

Readers – stay tuned because we saved four fantastic bags filled with goodies for you.  We’ll be giving them away on our site here beginning on November 27th.

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Please meet Lorhainne Eckhart!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Lorhainne Eckhart.

What is your latest release and share one detail from your current release with readers that they might not find in the book?

What am I now working on? I’ve just finished writing the Parker Sisters, a series that spans five books and five sisters, set in Wyoming, another big family saga. But, as I promised my fans earlier in the year, the Friessens will return in October 2017 with not just one book but a series, the Friessen Family, with new stories, more complications, and a brand-new generation.

What is the one question you never get asked at interviews, but wish you did?

What people know about me is that I am a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and Readers’ Favorite award winner with over sixty titles published in audio, eBook, and paperback, with translations in both German and French. My big family romance series have become a worldwide fan favorite and been at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list countless times.

But what many don’t know is that I am probably one of the most rejected authors out there. No one would publish me. Every literary agent and major publishing house turned me away. Added to that is the fact that I am a single mother of three, one of whom has autism, and that at one time the four of us were homeless. It was humbling and as close to hitting rock bottom as I have come, when for a time we were forced to live in a tent because we couldn’t find a home in our community. There were days I was scared because leaving would have meant giving up all the sacrifices I had made to get my autistic child the help he needed. I felt very much alone because I didn’t know what was around the corner and didn’t have the answers to get us out. At the same time, I learned pretty quickly that no one was going to rescue us. I had to be our rescuer. From then on, I swore I was not going to allow anything to keep me from achieving my dreams.

I never gave up. I moved us through those hard times, and I found us a place to live. I had to start all over at the bottom, advocating to get my son help, and never once did I give up on my dream of being published even though all the experts in the industry told me it couldn’t be done, even though they said, “We don’t want you.” What I believed and what I was told were two different things, and not giving up on my dream has allowed me to find the strength and vision to truly believe anything is possible. It’s never too late for anyone to start living and pursuing their dreams. I took risks, stayed focused, and worked my butt off to the point that I now have over sixty published works, a career, and a rewarding life for my children and me. Even though I sometimes write about overcoming the darkest hurdles, there is always hope, because if you truly believe as I do, anything is possible.

And let me tell you how good it feels. When The Forgotten Child hit the Amazon Bestseller list and stayed there for two years running selling more than 500,000 copies worldwide, and now translated into French & German. I never expected the response from fans, which then sparked the long running Friessen Series which all began with The Forgotten Child,  the first book of The Outsider Series ‘Over 800 Reviews’ “A woman finding her strength, a child finding love and support, a healing of family, and a complicated love story.”

What would you choose as your specialty if you were in the military?

I would be the one in the Buds training, becoming a Navy Seal!

You can find out more about Lorhainne on social media:




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