Super excited about these donations

My mailman is beginning to dislike me, but I’m happy about that.   You see, I have a Belgian Malinois and he is a bit excitable, so when the mailman, UPS or FedEx truck pull into the driveway, he has a fit.  He runs around the truck barking, hair standing up and basically being a menace.  They’re all scared of him and if we aren’t sure they are coming, we don’t lock is doggy door.  Ooops.

Anyway, the packages have been coming almost daily and it’s rather fun. For me.

Anyway, take a look at some of the fun items our participating authors, Barbara Britton, Julie Moffett and Maryann Jordan donated.


Books, swag, lotions, bath & shower gels, comfy socks, note pads, pens, snacks, journals, and so much more.  Thank you again authors for your generous donations to our Fisher House Families.

Look at the generosity!

You’ll no doubt read this often from me, but I’m so blown away by the generosity of our participating authors.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This week I received a package from Renee Lee Fisher.  Take a peek at the items Renee sent for our Fisher House families. Among the items are her gorgeous books, Rock Notes, pens, swag items, book marks, note pads, a tote and a lovely poem Renee wrote using the American Flag as her inspiration.  Thank you Renee, for your generosity.

You can follow Renee at the links below.  Please show her some love as she’s shown our military families hers.


The goodies are coming in

You know how it feels when the mail person delivers a package and you don’t know what it is?  Or, you know what it is but you can’t wait to see it, touch it, feel it?  Especially if its books?  Yeah, I love that.

The donations from our amazing participating authors are starting to roll in and I love seeing what the authors are donating to our Fisher House families.  This week I was thrilled to open a box from AS Fenichel. (side note, check out her website).

Look at all the pretties.  Our Fisher House families are going to love these gifts.  She sent several copies of two of her books, Deception and Ascension of her Demon Hunters Series.  Two coloring books and two packs of colored pencils. Four “Keep Calm and Read On” bracelets, a stack of coasters, two journals, a planner and a note for one of our families.

Thank you so much AS for your generous donation.

I’ll keep you updated as new goodies roll in.

Welcome to our brand new website

We’re excited to begin this new fundraising effort for our veterans and their families.  Over the years they’ve done so much for us, but we’ve felt we had no way to repay their service and commitment to our country and families.  This is our small way of offering our heartfelt thanks!

So, stay tuned as we bring this fundraiser to life.  We’ll update this blog with our progress as we have information.  Our first step will be to recruit fellow authors to donate books, swag and money so we can purchase and fill 30 ThirtyOne bags with goodies and deliver them to Fisher House to be given to military families.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention TechSurgeons for their generous offer to host our website at no cost to us as their way of supporting our military and their families.  Thank you Jay and the TechSurgeons crew for supporting our cause.