Winners, winners, winners

🎉🎉Winners! Winners! Winners! 🎉🎉

Stacey and I are thrilled to announce the winners for the huge Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

Grand Prize: Helen Bishop
Runner up Bag 1: Beverly Gordon
Runner up Bag 2: Cindy Lyons Roberts
Runner up Bag 3: Deanna S

Winners will receive an email from A4V to verify their email address and mailing address for the prizes to be sent out this week!

Congratulations, Ladies, and thank you to all of you who entered! 

Our next giveaway will be in January. Not nearly on as large of a scale, but our amazing authors were so generous, we couldn’t fit everything in the bags (and believe me, we tried!), so we’ve got some great books to share with all of you!

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